Q.1What is a Live Online BakeNight?

With our BakeNight Live Online Workshops we bring our baking professionals straight to you in the kitchen. Using the shopping list sent beforehand, you can get all the necessary utensils and ingredients in advance. On the day of BakeNight, you will take part in the workshop via a video link, which will also be communicated to you in advance by e-mail. As usual with our BakeNights, you will receive all relevant instructions from our professional, as well as tips and tricks for your chosen creation. During the workshop you will also have the opportunity to ask the professional questions and you can also exchange ideas with the other participants.


Q.2 What do I need to do to take part in a Live Online BakeNight?

To participate in a Live Online BakeNight, you need:

  1. A valid Live Online BakeNight booking
  2. A computer, laptop or smartphone / tablet
  3. We use Zoom  for our Live Online BakeNights - you will receive the Zoom link from us in advance by email
  4. One camera (optional)
  5. And of course your ingredients and utensils for baking
    • You will receive your recipe from us in advance by email with all the ingredients and utensils you need to get
    • If you have to prepare certain doughs in advance, we will point this out to you in the recipe


Q.3 How does a Live Online BakeNight work?

As soon as our workshop leader starts the Live Online BakeNight, you will be added to the live zoom room. Please leave out your tone for now. You are welcome to adjust your camera so that the other participants and our workshop leaders can see you and the BakeNight is not too anonymous. 

At the beginning our workshop leader will give you all the important information about using the Zoom Tool and the course of the BakeNight. If you have any questions at the beginning, feel free to use the chat or activate your tone and ask the questions. 

During the BakeNight, our workshop leaders will guide you step by step through the recipe that you received in advance by email. There will also be a short pause between each baking step to clarify questions or comments.

The Live Online BakeNight should be just as interactive and sociable as an offline BakeNight. Therefore, please always ask all your questions in the chat, occasionally show the progress of your creation in the camera and get in contact with the other participants and the workshop leader.



Q.1In what time zone does the online workshop take place?

All the Live BakeNights are taking place from Germany. Hence, we follow CEST/CET time for our workshops. We request all our participants to cross-check their local time for the workshop. 

Below are the tables for your reference :

Winter Time

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